Remote Consultation + MDT Consultation

In response to the call of national policies to promote the construction of a stratified healthcare system. Linkingmed will cooperate with radiation oncology departments from all over the countries, to conduct multidisciplinary collaborative diagnosis based on clinical tests, medical records and imaging provided by patients for intractable diseases. We aim to create an intelligent remote-consultation MDT platform.


Patients can also enjoy the consultation of renowned doctors without leaving the county. Based on the advantages of platform resources, doctors from primary medical institutions can enhance their knowledge and skills and the department can build their brands.

  • Hierarchical Collaboration

    The platform upwardly cooperates with well-known experts and key doctors to form an authoritative think tank in oncology, downwardly connects doctors and patients at the grassroots level, and together form an integrated network to provide services such as consultation, second opinion and education.

  • MDT Consultation

    Closely combine multiple treatments, accurate diagnosis and analysis; develop personalized treatment plans based on patient's changing needs, and comprehensively evaluate clinical practice.

  • Referral Recommendation

    Bring together doctors across the nation to provide expert guidance for doctors at less developed areas; help patients locating renowned doctors nearby.

  • Follow-up Management

    Complete and convenient access to patient information, intelligent follow-up management, and efficient doctor-patient communication.

  • Cooperation Process

  • Submit Patient Information and
    Match Experts

    Service Guarantee

  • Remote Consultation

    Full Communication

  • Quality Service

    Patients Follow-up

  • Information Collection

    Consultation Application

  • Fast and Efficient

    Experts and Consultation
    Time Confirmation

  • Treatment Plan Providing

    Consultation Report Providing