LinkMatrix Research Platform

LinkMatrix research platform is based on deep learning technology and provides professional, efficient and secure services for researchers based on multi-center cooperation and data management. It has output a variety of results such as intelligent contouring of organ-at-risk, intelligent radiotherapy planning, and intelligent planning evaluation. LinkMatrix implements distributed computing in the cloud, which does not occupy local computing resources, and supports user multitasking. LinkMatrix is applicable to a variety of research scenarios. Through network collaboration, it integrates doctors' excellent clinical practice and machine learning algorithms, and promotes mutual empowerment.


  • FAST
  • LinkMatrix uses AI to identify and contour organ-at-risk automatically and efficiently. The doctor thus can be freed from the time-consuming and labor-intensive mechanical repetitive work; LinkMatrix implements distributed computing in the cloud, which does not occupy local computing resources, and supports user multitasking.

    Contouring Process Time Consumption
  • 15 min
    Automatic Contouring
  • 150 min
    Manual Contouring
  • Planning Process Time Consumption
  • 2h
    Traditional Making Plans
  • 3h
    Automatic Planning
  • 6h
    Traditional Planning Optimization
  • 8h
    Traditional Planning Evaluation
  • Web-based LinkMatrix adapts to computers, tablets and mobile phones, enabling doctors focus on patient care more conveniently in more scenarios, freeing doctors from the computer room and eliminating waiting in using the devices. The interface of the three devices has been specially designed to ensure the smooth user experience.

    Through clinical application, AI is evolving with large real-cases of data. So far, LinkMatrix has been able to automatically identify and contour more than 100 types of organs. After clinical verification, the AI contouring system can achieve 90% accuracy for organs that human experts can contour consistently and average level of manual contouring for organs with high inter-observer variability. The performance of our AI algorithm is more reliable and stable than human experts.

  • +

    Identifiable Organ

  • 90%

    Contouring Accuracy

  • Advantages

  • Intelligent Interaction

    Simple and intuitive UI design makes the deep learning application usable for doctors.

  • Precision Application

    Automated target delineation based on deep learning adaptively optimizes radiotherapy planning with higher accuracy, verified in dozens of hospitals.

  • Powerful Computation

    The system, with powerful and stable GPU cluster computing capabilities, including hundreds of deep learning training models, can support smart contouring, automatic planning and other applications.

  • Authoritative Data

    We accumulated tens of thousands of high-quality, representative standard data manually labeled by senior physicians from the top-tier hospitals.

  • Application Scenario

    The LinkMatrix platform goes deep into the hospitals. While it is improving the efficiency of doctors, it is also collecting feedback from doctors. Massive user testing and product iterations have made LinkMatrix a very interactive and functional product.

    Experience LinkMatrix Now

    Experience the amazing computing power and contouring speed of LinkMatrix with our default image, to feel the ease never haven before during the radiotherapy planning.